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Who Killed Cock Robin?

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A classic English nursery rhyme, of which the origins and any hidden meanings are uncertain. This is illustrated with some great vintage images.

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Who Killed Cock Robin?
Sparrow With His Bow
Who killed Cock Robin?,
I, said the Sparrow,
With my bow and arrow,
I kill'd Cock Robin.
Fly And Cock Robin
Who saw him die?,
I, said the Fly,
With my little eye,
I saw him die.
Fish Catching Cock Robin's Blood
Who caught his blood?,
I, said the Fish,
With my little dish,
I caught his blood.
Beetle Making A Shroud
Who'll make his shroud?,
I, said the Beetle,
With my thread and needle,
I'll make his shroud.
Owl Digging Cock Robin's Grave
Who'll dig his grave?,
I, said the Owl,
With my spade and trowel,
I'll dig his grave.
Wrens Being Pall Bearers
Who'll bear the pall?,
We, said the Wren,
Both the Cock and the Hen,
We'll bear the pall.
Kite Carrying Cock Robin's Coffin
Who'll carry him to the grave?,
I, said the Kite,
If it's not in the night,
I'll carry him to the grave.
Rook Being The Parson
Who'll be the Parson?
I, said the Rook,
With my little book,
I'll be the Parson.
Thrush Singing A Psalm
Who'll sing a Psalm?
I, said the Thrush,
As he sat in the bush,
I'll sing a Psalm?
The Lark
Who'll be the Clerk?
I, said the Lark,
If it's not in the dark,
I'll be the Clerk.
Dove As A Mourner
Who'll be chief mourner?
I, said the Dove,
Because I mourned for my love,
I'll be chief mourner.
Linnet With A Torch
Who'll carry the link?
I, said the Linnet,
I'll fetch it in a minute,
I'll carry the link.
Bull Tolling A Bell
Who'll toll the bell?
I, said the Bull,
Because I can pull,
I'll toll the bell.
Birds Hearing The Bell Tolling
All the birds in the air
Fell to sighing and sobbing
When they heard the bell
For poor Cock Robin.
Birds At Cock Robin's Graveside
While the cruel Cock Sparrow,
The cause of their grief,
Was hung on a gibbet
Next day, like a thief.
Cock Robin Lying Dead

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