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Old Santeclaus by Clement Clark Moore

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Published 1821, in The Children's Friend this little known poem is of great interest as it introduces some modern elements of Santa as we know him today.

About The Video

Santa Flying His Sleigh Over Rooftops
Old Santeclaus with much delight
His reindeer drives this frosty night,
O'er chimney-tops, and tracks of snow,
To bring his yearly gifts to you.
Vintage Image Of Santa With Children
The steady friend of virtuous youth,
The friend of duty, and of truth,
Each Christmas eve he joys to come
Where love and peace have made their home.
Vintage Image Of Children Hanging Stockings
Through many houses he has been,
And various beds and stockings seen;
Some, white as snow, and neatly mended,
Others, that seemed for pigs intended.
Vintage Image Of Santa Looking At A Good Childrens List
Where e'er I found good girls or boys,
That hated quarrels, strife and noise,
I left an apple, or a tart,
Or wooden gun, or painted cart.
Vintage Image Of Santa Giving A Child A Doll
To some I gave a pretty doll,
To some a peg-top, or a ball;
No crackers, cannons, squibs, or rockets,
To blow their eyes up, or their pockets.
Vintage Image Of Santa Giving A Present To Toddler With Parents Present
No drums to stun their Mother's ear,
Nor swords to make their sisters fear;
But pretty books to store their mind
With knowledge of each various kind.
Vintage Image Of Santa Looking Through Window
But where I found the children naughty,
In manners rude, in temper haughty,
Thankless to parents, liars, swearers,
Boxers, or cheats, or base tale-bearers,
Vintage Image Of Children Fighting In Bed
I left a long, black, birchen rod,
Such as the dread command of God
Directs a Parent's hand to use
When virtue's path his sons refuse.

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